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Computer Engineering Graduate Program is a program conducted in English, offering both Ph.D. and M.S. degrees. The non-thesis M.S. program consisting of a total of 10 courses with 30 credits  and a project work can be completed in two semesters, and the thesis program consisting of a total of 7 courses with 21 credits, seminars and a M.S. thesis can be completed by the end of two semesters and one summer session. Our department also offers Ph.D. degree program, including 14 courses with 42 credits.


The educational and research objectives of Computer Engineering Graduate Program are that our graduates accomplish a successful career in industry and academia through their experience and knowledge in new technologies in existing and emerging areas of the computer engineering and computer science disciplines. Our program also encourages our graduates to demonstrate professionalism and a sense of societal and ethical responsibility in all their endeavours.


In the Computer Engineering Graduate Program,  courses are focused on four specific areas:

Specialization in Computer Science (CS): It’s a module targeting people who are interested in the Basic Computer Engineering Program and who are willing to have competence in applications and technical areas, such as parellel computing, computer architectures, programming languages, and design patterns.

Specialization in Computer Networks and Mobile Communications (CNMC): It’s a module targeting people who are interested in mobile computing, wireless communication, and Internet technologies and who are willing to have competence in applications and technical areas, such as cellular networks, 3G and 4G systems, multimedia communications, Internet, network analysis, network security and encryption.

Specialization in Artificial Intelligence (AI): It’s a module targeting people who are willing to learn the methods and applications of finance, insurance, Telecom and analysis in industrial sector in which data modeling and analysis methods are used.

Specialization in Enterprise Software Systems (ESS): Nowadays, the management of the software projects has taken the place of the software development processes. This module aims people to gain an experience that will make a difference in planning, executing and implementing the enterprise software projects such as insurance software and hospital automation systems.

For detailed information:
Asst. Prof. Dr. Tarkan AYDIN,
Computer Eng. Master's Program Coordinator

Email: tarkan.aydineng.bahcesehir.edu.tr
Tel: +90 212 381 0318