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Research Groups

We are contributing the following research groups of faculty:


Also the following research groups continue their activities and websites are under construction:

  • Computer Networks and Mobile Communication Laboratory
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence Research Group



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Research Projects

  • V.C. Güngör, T. Koçak, "Design and Development of Common Communication Platform for Network Components," Alcatel-Lucent ve Sanayi ve Ticaret Bakanlığı (SanTez Project),  started September 2010.
  • T. Koçak, V.C. Güngör, "Development of Interoperable Interface for Remote Management of Home Network Devices," Alcatel-Lucent ve Sanayi ve Ticaret Bakanlığı (SanTez Project), started September 2010.
  • V.C. Güngör, T. Koçak, "Smart Grid Communications," Turk Telekom, started December 2010.
  • T. Koçak, V.C. Güngör, "Intelligent Transportation Systems," Turk Telekom, started December 2010.
  • V.C. Güngör, Principal Investigator (PI), "Spectrum-Aware and Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks for Europe's Future Electricity Networks and Power Systems", European Union FP7 Marie Curie Reintegration Grant, November  2009 - November 2013.
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  5. A.O. Bicen, V.C. Gungor, O.B. Akan, "Delay-sensitive and Multimedia Communication in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks," to appear in Ad Hoc Networks Journal (Elsevier), 2011.
  6. B. Aygun, V.C. Gungor, "Wireless Sensor Networks for Structure Health Monitoring: Recent Advances and Future Research Directions," to appear in Sensor Review, 2011.
  7. V.C. Gungor, G.P. Hancke, "Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks," Book Chapter, to appear in Industrial Electronics Handbook, 2nd edition, CRC Press and IEEE Press, 2011.

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