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Course Description:

To obtain a bachelor degree in department of computer engineering students must complete a semester design project. The course comprises independent research of a current topic, participation in weekly meetings, and written and oral presentations.

Procedures for Capstone Projects:

CMP4997 Capstone Project I


Project Topics:

  1. Each faculty member has a predetermined quota for capstone projects. The faculty members will announce the list of project topics at the beginning of the semester.

Project Selection:

  1. CMP4997 project topics will be announced at the first week of the semester.

  2. CMP4997 seniors should read project descriptions being offered by members of the department of computer engineering, decide on a project preference list that contains minimum seven project topics and then complete the project application process by sending the list to the project coordinator (coordinator will be announced at the beginning of each semester) Monday of the second week of semester.

  3. During the second week of the semester the department will assign students to faculty members considering the students’ preference list (department has the right to assign any project to any student). The coordinator will notify students which projects they have been assigned to by the beginning of the third week of the semester.

  4. Once registered, students will meet with their supervisor and they will confirm their thesis project and develop a strategy and timetable for the project's successful completion.

  5. Each CMP4997 capstone project student should prepare a midterm progress report and submit it to his/her supervisor by Friday of eighth week of the Fall Semester. Midterm progress reports should include a description of the project and reflect the part of the work done until the report deadline. A meeting will be arranged within ten days of the submission among the student and the supervisor. Midterm Progress Report will be graded by project supervisor.

  6. All project final reports are due on the last week of the semester. Two copies of the final report should be submitted to the project coordinator, one copy for the project supervisor, and one copy for the jury members. Reports are due by 17:00 on due date. If there is a situation which prohibits student from turning in project report on time, he/she should talk to coordinator before the due date. Final corrected copy should be submitted for the departmental repository.

  7. A guideline on how to write project midterm and final reports will be available on the CMP4977 website.

  8. Grading Policy :

    • Midterm Progress Report : 20%

    • Project work : 30%

    • Final Report : 25%

    • Presentation : 20%

    • Attendance : 5%

  9. Minimum of 80% attendance required for passing grade. Attendance will be monitored through the project notebook mentioned above.

  10. All CMP4997 related announcements will be made at the CMP4997 web page, by e-mail or by project supervisors. Students are required to monitor the CMP4997 web page and their mails regularly.

  11. Students should give a 20-minute presentation of the capstone project in the last week of the finals. 15-minute of the presentation are for the description of project work and the remaining 5-minute are for questions and answers. The presentation dates are determined by the department coordinator and announced to the students in the first week of the finals. Presentations will be evaluated by the jury members formed by his/her project supervisor, and another two faculty members.

  12. Jury members should have submitted the final grades to project coordinator before the presentation.


CMP4998 Capstone Project II

  1. Students who pass CMP4997 course are required to register for CMP4998 course in the following semester. The student can continue and improve his/her Capstone Project I in CMP4998 Capstone Project by the approval of his/her supervisor or can choose a completely different project.

  2. For those who have chosen new project topics in CMP4998-Capstone Project II, the same project selection procedure will be followed.

  3. The rules, schedule and grading policy of CMP4997 will be also applied for CMP4998.



CMP4997 - Capstone Project Topics and Abstracts

You can find the link for CMP4997-Capstone Projects List below. Each student will make a preference list consisting of 7 projects. The list will be sorted from the most preferred to the least one.

The projects are listed under two categories (CATEGORY I and CATEGORY II). At max. 2 of your project preferences can be from Category II (in other words, at min. 5 of your preferences must be from Category I). The students who do not take this warning into account will face with sanctions. Send your preference list to until October 3, 2012.

Write only the project id and title for each project. Do not write your list into a word file, write your list to the body section of your email.

Faculty members will assign one of the projects from the preference list and the assignments will be announced here and/or via email next week.

Download this file (cmpe4997_capstone_project_abstracts.pdf)CMP4997 Capstone Project Abstracts[CMP4997 Capstone Project Abstracts]278 Kb09/26/12 16:49